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Front End Developer

Front End Developer develop user interfaces working with HTML5, CSS3, JS. Your influence will be felt through the code you write and the ideas you bring to the table. Picture yourself interacting directly with clients and collaborating heavily with User Experience Designers, User Interface Designers, and Back-End Developers.


⦿  Building semantic, accessible, and maintainable front-end interfaces with   HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
⦿  Faithfully and accurately translating prototypes and design into working interfaces
⦿  Maintaining and improving front-end code bases across a wide variety of projects
⦿  Translating business and user requirements into usable web applications and sites
⦿  Playing a key role in client communication, project planning, and estimation of front-end tasks
⦿  Collaborating with UX and UI Designers to promote and achieve optimal solutions for clients.
⦿  Taking the lead on browser/device acceptance testing and bug fixing
⦿  Working on an agile scrum team


Qualifications & Work Experience

⦿  Bachelor’s Degree in related discipline
⦿  Has 3+ years of experience in a front-end development role.
⦿  Has experience working with responsive layouts.
⦿  Has experience or a desire to work with JS frameworks (React, Angular, etc.)
⦿  Has experience diagnosing and resolving cross-browser/device challenges and bugs.
⦿  Speaks fluent CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript
⦿  Understands the benefits and pitfalls of CSS pre-processors (Sass, LESS)
⦿  Has working experience with modern build systems, source control (TFS, Git), and task runners (Grunt, Gulp, etc.)
⦿  Understands the benefits of using a responsive framework but does not rely on it.
⦿  Delivers quality work within budget and timeline constraints.

Job Behavioral Competencies

⦿  Verbal & written communication skills in English
⦿  Professional ethics
⦿  Adaptability and flexibility
⦿  Analytical thinking
⦿  Accuracy and attention to detail
⦿  Time and stress management skills
⦿  Problem-solving skills
⦿  Positive, proactive, and collaborative attitude
⦿  Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on the company’s success.