ANC Business Solution is looking to hire a person with high caliber to lead a team of software developers, deliver business-critical projects, manage the day-to-day activities and ensure all team targets are met as per KPI’s and organizational objectives.


1. Receiving requests for new projects and modifications to existing projects.

2. Controlling all stages of the development life cycle, including initial analysis, implementation, integration, testing, debugging, data validation, and support

3. Dra fting analytical reports on user requirements and new task requirements and their impact on the internal workflow

4. Designing modules by dividing the user requirements into submodules, assigning submodules to software developers to proceed with programming the modules, and setting timeframes for task completion

5. Ensuring that all aspects of the project are completed as planned

6. Receiving user feedback and data modification requests, solving bugs, and handling client complaints

7. Administrating the company’s internal applications/portals/websites, performance tracking, and problem-solving

8. Staying up-to-date with the latest software development technologies and methodologies to develop internal work

9. Coaching, guiding, and providing regular feedback to the team to enable successful outcomes

10. Being a liaison between the team, the management, and the business unit

Job Requirements
Qualifications & Work Experience

1. Bachelor’s degree in any field, preferably with a computer science or engineering background

2. 6+ years of relevant experience

3. Excellent knowledge of client side development (Angular, React)

4. Excellent knowledge of web development (ASP.NET, MVC, C#)

5. Excellent knowledge of DB concepts and tools (Microsoft SQL server, NoSQL databases, PostgreSQL)

6. Excellent knowledge of .NET Framework (.NET, .NET Core)

7. Excellent knowledge of OOP (concepts, techniques, principles, analysis, and design)

8. Excellent knowledge of design patterns

9. Excellent knowledge of data processing and handling various types and sizes of documents and media

10. Excellent knowledge of ORM

11. Experience with CI/CD is a plus

12. Knowledge of video processing is a plus

13. Experience with cloud computing is a plus

14. Experience with WordPress is a plus

Job Behavioral Competencies

1. Excellent verbal & written communication skills in English

2. Adaptability and flexibility

3. Commercial awareness

4. Analytical thinking

5. Accuracy and attention to detail

6. Time and stress management skills

7. Problem-solving skills

8. Leadership Skils

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